When Nothing Left To Do — Teach

I will teach two courses in "Not just math" volunteer project

Alex Dremov
When Nothing Left To Do — Teach

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Not a usual type of post on my blog. Well, not the usual times.

I announce that I will teach two courses in "Not just math" volunteer project. The project is primarily for middle and high school students.

It's a project that conducts free online lessons for children who find themselves in a difficult situation due to the war. The purpose of these lessons is to divert children to useful and engaging activities and to give parents a break.

— Not just math website

Starting this July I will instruct two courses:

  • Python for beginners
    I will explain Python's basic features, syntax and simple algorithms.
  • Competitive programming & C++
    I was contacted with the idea of starting a competitive algorithms class. Currently, I work on squeezing the second lesson into my schedule, still, I believe that the course will be started successfully.

What can I do?

Not just math is purely a volunteer project that already has a big community of teachers and students. Still, if you can start useful courses, I encourage you to contact coordinators and propose your course.

Also, you can help to spread not just math project so that more affected families know about it.


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